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birdbee recharging

copyright © Ed Beals 2011

If only we all had a charge level indicator…

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6 Responses to “recharging”

  1. Kyle Bridgett Says:

    Birdbee kinda looks like a butt plug here

  2. Alistair Says:

    is he sitting on a sombrero?

    • birdbee Says:

      lol. no. birdbee’s legs are just drawn up on the chair. It’s the stripes on birdbee’s body that are different. I was hoping the altered stripes, combined with the title and caption below the drawing would make it clear, but I think I have failed to get the concept across to most people.

  3. WG Says:

    Ah.. the zen Birdbee. Love it 🙂

    • birdbee Says:

      Thanks, WG. I am wondering now if the visual “gag” in this one is too subtle. I’m not sure anyone will notice the difference in birdbee.

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