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birdbee has reached a dead end in the "find your own path" headge maze.

copyright © Ed Beals 2010

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2 Responses to “maze”

  1. Gary Cronkhite Says:

    who’s initials are on the cartonn of the ‘maze’. they read ‘pd’. you have the copyright, so i see they don’t jive. are you a writer and use ‘pd’ for your cartoons? just curious. very cool and fun stuff. and a very nice site/blog. cheers and peace.

    • birdbee Says:

      Hello Gary,
      Thanks for the visit! Glad you liked birdbee. I was wondering when a question about my signature would pop up, because you are right, it does look like “pd”. But in fact it is supposed to be a stylized “ed”. My name is Edgar, but most people call me Ed. I like the yin-yang-ish symmetry of it, but I have always wondered how many people would think it was “pd”.

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