survey (april fool)

Morning is officially over in my time zone, so just to let everyone know this was an April Fool’s Day prank. Birdbee will be back next week in the usual style. This may have backfired on me as some of you may actually prefer the prank birdbee drawings to the real ones!
Thank you so much to everyone who filled out the birdbee reader survey. The survey is now closed. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping to decide the future of birdbee. There’s nothing I want more than to attract as wide an audience as possible, but as a simple cartoonist working in isolation, I have no idea what the ordinary person really wants to see. The survey results contained some clear indicators of what people like and don’t like in cartoon entertainment. I have carefully distilled the thousands of comments and suggestions that you sent in over the last few months and I am very excited about the new direction I will be taking with birdbee. Today I am thrilled to present the two finalist styles. The winning style for all future birdbee cartoons will be selected based on your comments and feedback!

new birdbee style 1

new birdbee style finalist #1

new birdbee style 2

new birdbee style finalist #2

Please vote for your favourite! The winning style will be announced next week.

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13 Responses to “survey (april fool)”

  1. Cat Says:

    I vote #2. Love the intellectual Birdbee.

  2. leboot Says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to vote, but 1.) I love Birdbee any way I can get him, 2.) I love the little books, 3.) I really like the idea of lampooning other cartoon’s style every now and again, and 4.) I’d like to see him syndicated and you get rich!

    • birdbee Says:

      Thanks Geoff for the kind words…. but rest assured this cartoon is more about today’s date than any actual change in direction for birdbee. 😉

  3. jan Says:

    I love finalist # 1!


  4. Alistair Says:

    damn you and your 5 hours behind (not ass or any other americanisms), I thought I’d safely passed 12! )

  5. Shane O'Dell Says:

    I laughed out loud at both of them. Can it not just depend on what birdbee has to say on any given day? Some days he’s may just be one panel and other days he might be a 3 panel guy. I’m kind of like that birdbee on the fence…But I guess if I HAVE to pick one …I’d go for the one panel Birdbee! Love the little guy!

  6. Alistair Says:


  7. Pam Collins Says:

    haha – april fools!

  8. Alistair Says:

    that would be bhuddistbirdbee… I dunno, I kinda like the single frame approach but equally, garfield could work as well. Does that mean I’ve cast a bhuddistvote? )

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