farm (the one no one gets!)

Here’s a birdbee drawing from a few months ago that I have held back because no one I showed it to has understood what it is about. In spite of the confused looks I get for this one, I decided to publish it while birdbee is still officially on vacation. It would be great fun for me to read your thoughts about this drawing. Can you work out what I was trying to say?

birdbee visits a farm...

copyright © 2010 Ed Beals

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17 Responses to “farm (the one no one gets!)”

  1. Michael Fredericks Says:

    looks like Oaklawn Farm Zoo.

    hmm… this one is puzzling. maybe it’s something to do with the fact that they are all animals. Like, asking the question, why are we free when certain animals are caged? Birdbee can hop on his trike and cruise around. Those other obscure critters are stuck behind barbed-wire to be eaten someday. so philosophical.

  2. birdbee Says:

    One of these days I am going to figure out how to get this idea to work, and then I will try again. Meanwhile I am truly enjoying the interpretations you guys are providing, so I hate to ruin it all by saying what I was trying to do. 🙂

  3. dianne blasciuc Says:

    I agree with all of the above comments…..what WERE you trying to say?

  4. rosita Says:

    changed my mind……it’s the macy’s day parade animals.

  5. Will Says:

    I’m thinking animal crackers or balloon animals. Or maybe they are crosses between two animals like birdbee.

  6. Rosita Says:

    gummie bears, stuffed toys? And here’s me being all Orwellian and assuming I’m looking at Snowball and Napoleon….hmmmmm…..summer best be short Birdbee, lest you leave us to fill in the blanks……

  7. Alex Says:

    Or is he admiring the steakelopes and bacelopes?

  8. Alex Says:

    He’s wondering how they all got such substantial legs.

  9. Nathalie Julien Says:

    Are they gummies? Is birdbee at a candy farm?

  10. Cat Says:

    Birdbee is looking at stuffed animals in his room and dreaming they are free on the farm.

    • birdbee Says:

      That’s a nice thought too! These diverse reactions are making me think I should stop writing captions and just let people see and think whatever they want.

  11. Frank F. Says:

    Birdbee is concerned for the animals because of the approach of an obscene looking cloud.

  12. Damian Lidgard Says:

    Birdbee is wondering how the hell he got there without steering the bike…

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