birdbee beads by brenda

photo copyright © 2010, fused glass beads by Brenda Diabo.

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My friend Brenda makes amazing fused-glass beads. Usually they end up as beautiful necklaces. The process is all magic to me, but I know it involves fire and rods of glass and lots of fiddly details. Anyway, she presented me with these three birdbee beads! She was experimenting, trying to figure out the best process, so they are all quite different. She had not seen any of the colour images of birdbee, so she just guessed what colours to use. I think these are just fabulous! Brenda told me she has worked out a way to make one with legs too! I was thrilled to get these so I thought it would make a fun post during birdbee’s vacation! Thanks, Brenda!

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3 Responses to “beads”

  1. pam Says:

    Brenda !
    Love the bees !!!

  2. Reverb Ranch Says:


  3. Jo Says:

    Brenda, Birdbee and Ed!!!

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